Sunday, November 8, 2009

Now.. you can ZIP right through diaper changing!

Oh, the nights of changing diapers in the night! Remember waking your baby to change their diaper? I used to HATE that! You finally get them to sleep and sleeping good and remember you need to change them and BAM, they start to wake up! Well, Tiny Dimples has the perfect solution and every parent’s dream~ the SmartZip Sleeper!

The SmartZip Sleeper is a long sleeve-footed sleeper that has a two way zipper! You can actually still open the sleeper from the top but can unzip from the bottom for easier diaper changing. The two-way zipper has the traditional snap flap at the top to protect the little chin from discomfort and a fabric cover at the bottom to prevent access to the zipper by little hands. No more taking the entire outfit off in the night and baring all.

Also, no more snaps! Remember those crazy snaps in the night trying to figure out where the snap was and trying to keep your little one still enough and quiet enough to snap the outfit? I was so exhausted, most of the time I left a few snaps “un-snapped”!

This great SmartZip Sleeper comes in two great colors, a “his” and “hers” you might say. Great color combinations, chocolate brown and blue (Blue Me Away SmartZip Sleeper) and/ or the chocolate brown and pink (Made me Blush Away SmartZip Sleeper). The sleepers are 100% Cotton and machine washable. So cute, you can even go to the grocery store in this little outfit!

I am sure that every parent in the world would benefit from this new great product, I know I would have and what a great gift for the Parents-to-be!

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